IOT Breaks the Mental Model

Our model of how we own stuff is becoming increasingly ‘wrong’.

A few years ago my wife and I were wine tasting and there was a pretty cool paper maché collage for sale in the winery. We bought it and it’s now hanging between the kitchen and the dining room.

Now here’s the interesting part. It doesn’t interact with the rest of the house, or God forbid, the rest of the world. It doesn’t communicate with the fridge or some 14 year old Romanian out to get credit card information. It just sits on the wall. There is no interesting ecosystem with which it interacts. It’s a lump on the wall.

Having your property – your possessions – not be a part of the external world is becoming rarer. There’s a lot of hype about security of the Internet of Things (IOT) but, apart from the (technical) security aspects, I think the bigger problem is how to think about your possessions being a part of larger thing.

The biggest issue is understanding that It Must Change. If the world changes, your possessions needs to adapt. A friend recently told me he hadn’t updated his iPhone for years. This is beyond insane.


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